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Work  Harness
Custom made from
the finest materials
soureced from
around the world.
Complete Harness           $1,095

Back Pad                          $2
One of the most functional on the market,
extra heavy, reinforced for driving and
lined with an 8mm Neoprene pad

Back Strap                       $60
Classic, simple and with sewn in keepers,
back has 5/8" straps to buckle into
keepers, can be made with 1/2" for use
with high tail crupper

Crupper                             $45
Extra thick

Girth                                 $55
Doubled up with one center ring for

Tilbury Tugs                  $150
these replace the open tugs, and wrap
girth, you will never go back! You need
shaft stops on your cart, which I have in

Breast Plate                    $120
Padded with D's to snap traces into

Snap in Traces                   $120
In leather or Beta, with snaps. Beta is great
if the carts going to be left outside in the

Leather Lines                   $110
3/4" with buckles, hand holds can be added
for $35, custom widths, or lengths avalible
Neoprene pad sewn in prevents sliding